The Monkey Family


Sylvanian Families Japanese Monkey Family

Sylvanian Families Japanese Monkeys (FS-23)

Released: Circa 2013


  • Father:Hiroshi Kozaru (No Official Name)
  • Mother: Mineko Kozaru (No Official Name)
  • Crawling Baby Broter: Akira Kozaru (No Official Name)
  • Standing Baby Sister: Aiko Kozaru (No Official Name)


Sylvanian Families Japanese monkey family baby sling

The babies can be carried in this cute little carrier that comes in the set!



*This monkey family was released in Japan in 2013. It only comes with the parents and two babies and has no older siblings. The babies in this version of the family are much cuter than the babies in the Darwin family, and I think that they fit in better with their parents. The monkeys in the Sylvanian line are all currently modeled after the Japanese Macaque and none of them currently have tails.