School Music Lesson


Sylvanian Families School Music Lesson Set Contents

Sylvanian Families School Music Lesson (2688)

Released: Circa 2010


  • Figures included: None

PC Bobby Roberts is a jolly nice policeman. He always has a friendly word for everyone he meets, except if they've been naughty, of course! He likes everything in Sylvania to be just as it should be!

Items included: Conductor's podium with baton, Grand Piano, Xylophone with 2x mallets, bass drum with beater, snare drum with 2x drumsticks, recorder, triangle with beater, 2x cymbals, accordian and melodica. 2x Paper music sheets.


Sylvanian Families school children playing with musical instruments


*This music lesson set contains the exact same items as Henry Bearbury's Music lesson set, but without the figure! The piano can open and every little piece is super detailed.