The Appleblossom Family


Sylvanian Families Appleblossom Squirrel Family

Sylvanian Families Appleblossom Squirrels (4489; 4492; 4508)

Purchased: 8 May 2012 (Second-hand USA) Second Baby: 28 May 2012 (TAKEALOT) Second Child figure: 9 April 2012 (Ebay)




Jane Appleblossom teaches ballet. Her star student is her daughter Justina, who wants to practice all the time. Jane loves watcher her daughter dance so they moved all the furniture to the sides of the room creating enough space for Justina to dance freely while Jane accompanies her at the piano. Their favourite music is from The Nutcracker and they love to swirl and spin around the room together.

Christopher Appleblossom is the baker getting up early each morning to bake fresh bread for the inhabitants of Sylvania. The dough mixer for his bread is driven by the water mill, this saves Christopher a lot of work! Using old family recipes and the finest ingredients, not only does Christopher produce wonderful tasty bread he also fills the Sylvanian Bakery with delicious fresh baked smells!

Rainbow Nursery Figure Set (4508)

These four toddlers with their feeding bottles and dummies can be found every afternoon having fun at Rainbow Nursery, either learning their ABC's, dancing, listening to stories or music. All four then have a little nap before their mothers arrive to take them home. Set includes Appleblossom grey squirrel baby, Blackberry rabbit baby, Honeybear tan bear baby and Chantilly cream cat baby.

This family is spread out over different sets. Father Christopher comes with the Watermill Bakery (4492), Mother Jane and sister Justina come in the Ballet Lesson set (4489) and baby Appleblossom comes in the Rainbow Nursery Figures Set (4508). I have two baby Appleblossoms (Chris and Christina Appleblossom) as well as an extra sister figure that I got off Ebay, who has been re-dressed as a brother figure (Justin Appleblossom).