The Babblebrook Family

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Purchased: Brother - February 2012 (Wendy's adoption shop); Father, Mother, Sister - 12 July 2012 (Ebay); Grandparents - 20 September 2012 (Ebay)



Father Rocky Babblebrook runs the General Store. He sells rakes and hoes and seeds: everything you need for farming. He says every family needs a garden.

Mother Crystal Babblebrook is the best cook in Sylvania, whereas her mother Pearl was the worst! Crystal wrote a cooking at home book, which covers everything from how to boil an egg to how to bake a carrot cake.

Brother Bubba Babblebrook has the most amazing sense of hearing. He might be at the far side of the playground but can still hear you open a sweet wrapper and be standing next to you in a flash. His mother teases him by telling everyone he can hear the grass grow!

Sister Breezy Babblebrook always likes to have her own way. Her mother, Crystal, thinks that her father, spoils her and should be firmer with her when she makes demands. He just shrugs his shoulder and says, "How can you be cross with her when she has such a pretty smile?"

Cliff Babblebrook has the gift of gab. He can spin a yarn taller than a redwood. If you have the time, he's got an exciting story for you.

Pearl Babblebrook Nobody cooks like Grandma Pearl. It's a good thing, too. She likes to experiment, like using salt instead of sugar in her cookies.