My hand painted photo backdrop


Hand Painted backdrop for taking Sylvanian Families gallery photos


I always find it difficult to take photos of my Sylvanian critters when I want to update my website with new families. I usually end up using my computer screen, or plopping them in front of the wooden backing of one of my shelves...

I recently had some time off due to a back operation, and spent some time doing some of the crafts that have been on my waiting list for quite some time!

The paper that this was painted on, is normal craft paper in A1 size. It is the biggest that I could find, and it is a light blue to start off with. The original idea, was to use the light blue paper for the sky in my photos, and then photoshop some clouds in and remove the seams that the papers would make afterwards, but that idea fell flat when I discovered my total inability to paint clouds in photoshop... :-)

So, with brush and craft paints in hand, I set about making my backdrop the old fashioned way!

This backdrop took me a good two days to complete, but I am quite happy with the result. The only problem that I currently have, is that the paper is wrinkled after the paint has dried...

To get past this, I will find a piece of cardboard box and glue the paper to it with cold glue sometime in the future. (When I find a box big enough that is!)

Having it stuck to a box was the original idea, then I can easily store it upright behind my display cabinets and it will also be easier to prop up against a wall without having to use all manner of sticky stuff to keep it in place long enough for the photo to be snapped.

The thought with the ground area being so high up, is that I can place the backdrop farther away to create depth if I need to, and still see some mountains in the photo. If I don't want that, I can lower the whole background into position behind my photo setup to see a greater piece of the sky.

This backdrop works quite well for figures, sets and small homes and shops, but I imagine that using it for larger homes would be a problem if I ever do get my hands on any...