The Baker Hedgehog Family


Sylvanian Families Baker Hedgehog Family

Sylvanian Families Baker Hedgehogs (5237 - Mother; 5238 - Father; 5218 - Twins)

Released: 2015


  • Father: Morty Baker (Officially Mortimer Bramble)
  • Mother: Ellen Baker (Officially Eleanor Bramble)
  • Crawling Baby Brother: Honey Baker (Officially Bramble)
  • Sitting Baby Sister: Hazel Baker (Officially Bramble)


This fantastic set includes everything you need to run a successful pizza delivery service from the Brick Oven Bakery! Hedgehog father Mortimer Bramble's mission is to jump on his trusy vintage vespa and deliver delicious pizzas to hungry Sylvanians!

Don't you just love the smell of freshly baked bread? From baking trays to bread baskets, this super-detailed set has everything you will need to help Hedgehog mother Eleanor Bramble to run the Brick Oven Bakery. With more than twenty different types of bread, Brick Oven Bakery includes over 50 pieces. Ready, Set, Bake!

Baby brother Honey Bramble is very inquisative and loves to open all kinds of lids. From the jam jar on the kitchen table, to the toothpaste tube in the bathroom, Honey finds taking the lids off very entertaining. He is quite mischevious though, which means is family are always cleaning up after him!

Baby sister Hazel Bramble loves to sleep. She falls asleep if the family go out for a walk, or when she's in her car seat, or sometimes even when she's playing with her toys!




*Thise Hedgehogs were released in 2015 and were available as single figures with different sets and a set of twins. As the Bramble Hegehogs were already released before as tailors and had different biographies and different babies, I decided to change the names of this family and add the new twins to the newly created family. Interesting to note, is that the twins now share their name with the Pickleweeds twins from the Calico Critters line! Their outfits are so darling that they really did deserve their own little spot in the sunlight!