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Sylvanian Families Beagle Family

Sylvanian Families Gift shop set with beagle boy

Calico Critters Beagle Dogs (CC2005 - Family; CC2006 - Twins)

Purchased: Family - 9 July 2012 (TAKEALOT); CC Twins - 8 May 2012 (USA)

Sylvanian Families Beagle Dogs ( 4871 - Village Gift Shop; 3340 - baby with bouncy horse)

Purchased: 18 March 2012 (Brits Toy Shop - SA)



Percy Beagle is Sylvania's master baker. At 4 o'clock every morning (except Sundays) you'll find him at the Beagle & Beagle Bakery making and baking his lovely crusty loaves ready to be delivered - still deliciously soft and warm - to his customers in time for their breakfasts.

Prunella Beagle helps her husband in the bakery as often as she can. Her speciality is making cakes for special occasions. Big, small, tiny, tall, she'll make cakes of any size, shape, colour or filling.

Harold Beagle does all the bakery's deliveries on a heavy old black bicycle with a big wicker basket on the front where he puts the loaves. Although he doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up, he certainly isn't going to be a baker!

Antonia Beagle loves baking bread. She loves everything about it, especially the deliciously warm smell of the freshly baked loaves

Baby William Beagle loves to spend all day playing in the sandbox. Mother always reminds him to wash his hands carefully before dinner. Sometimes he gets so dirty she tells him to change his clothes too!

Baby Fiona Beagle first tooth was surely a sweet one. No matter how far Mother puts her delicious desserts, Fiona always seems to find them. For her birthday, she asked her parents to take her to the Sweet Shoppe and let her buy everything she wanted!

Baby Chelsea Beagle loves her father's fresh loaves and sweet pastries and would spend all day in the bakery if her parents let her. Chelsea is a carry case baby, so has no official name and biography. She came with a bouncy horse in a clear plastic case.