The Babblebrook Beaver Family


Calico Critters Becky Beaver Visits Doctor Ben Beaver Set

Calico Critters Becky Beaver Visits the Dentsit (Dentist set - CC21472)

Released: 2009 - Dentist; 2004 - Bike Ride


  • Uncle: Ben Beaver
  • Cousin: Becky Beaver
  • Cousin: Sandy Babblebrook (Not Owned)
  • Cousin: Zach Babblebrook (Not Owned)


The Calico Critters Becky Beaver visits the Dentist set features Becky who is always careful to always keep her teeth brushed. Becky is going to see Ben the dentist to get her teeth cleaned and make sure they are free from cavities! The Becky Beaver visits the Dentist set includes Ben Beaver the Dentist, Becky Beaver, reclining dental chair with spit sink, detachable chair lamp, swiveling stool, dentist tray on wheels, surgical mask, patient bib, 2 toothbrushes, 2 cups, 2 dental jars and 6 different dental tools.

Zach and Sandy love to play outdoors together. Next to riding their bikes, their favorite thing to do is play tennis. While both Zach and Sandy are very good players, they both know that they have to practice everyday in order to be the best that they can be.




*The Beavers released in the US line in 1987, were mostly the same as the originals in the UK. However, when they were re-released in 2003, they had a name change to Babblebrook. The next year saw the release of Babblebrook cousins in the bike ride set and finally another cousin and uncle in the Dentist set in 2009. This is the first dentist in the Calico Critters line and was exclusive to the USA. It contains little Becky and Doctor Ben Beaver. As there are already a full family of 6 figures in the Babblebrook familly tree, Doctor Ben, Becky, Zach and Sandy needs to be the uncle and cousins to the main family.