The Billabong Koala Family

Sylvanian Families Billabong Koala Family

Sylvanian Families Billabong Koala Family (Family - 4307 ; Twins - 4412)

Purchased: Family & Twins - 20 September 2012 (TAKEALOT)



Father Rolf Billabong is very popular with the children. Everyone loves his painting lessons (where the paint goes everywhere but on the canvas!) and when he teaches music, it is loud, quirky and a great deal of fun.

Mother Matilda Billabong runs the Nursery, looking after and teaching all the toddlers. She prepares all of them for big school with lessons in counting and learning the alphabet. The best part of the day at nursery is story time when Matilda reads to her youngsters.

Brother Clive Billabong is not the sporty type, but he does love talking about sport. In fact he can keep an audience amused for hours talking on a range of subjects from what's on tv to what's happened in the village recently.

Sister Germaine Billabong is perhaps the brightest girl in the school. Unlike her brother she prefers to write her thoughts down rather than talk about them.

Koala Twins Kylie and Jason are opposites, Jason is a quiet boy who loves reading books while Kylie is a noisy little girl who loves to sing and dance. Jason wants to be a fossil hunter and Kylie a pop star.