The Bramble Hedgehog Family


Sylvanian Families Bramble Hedgehog Family

Sylvanian Families Bramble Hedgehog Family (4018)

Released: Circa 2004


  • Father: Mortimer Bramble
  • Mother: Eleanor Bramble
  • Brother: Maxwell Bramble
  • Sister: Abigail Bramble

Mortimer Bramble is the Sylvanian tailor. He makes all the clothes for everyone in Sylvania. He loves sewing while gently rocking in his rocking chair.

Eleanor Bramble designs and makes all the special Sylvanian costumes like wedding outfits and Sunday best clothes.

Maxwell Bramble is learning how to be a tailor like his dad. He's particularly good at measuring up material, but he can't play with the needles and scissors yet as these can be dangerous.

Abigail Bramble likes designing clothes. She's especially good at designing dresses and frocks for herself which, if she is good, Mortimer & Eleanor make for her.


Sylvanian Families Bramble Hedgehog Babies

Sylvanian Families Bramble Hedgehog Babies (4023)

Releasedsed: Circa 2004


  • Baby Brother: Bilberry Bramble
  • Baby Sister: Peaches Bramble

Bilberry Bramble loves to gather up all the scraps of material that are left over, build a pile and curl up and hide in the middle of it.

Peaches Bramble is a very, very naughtly little girl! She's always taking her father's tailors chalk and drawing patterns on the walls and furniture.



*The Bramble Hedgehog family was first released by Tomy around 1991. They have a hard cap on their backs, which secures to the figure by means of two spikes, which are easily broken if not handled carefully. The spikes are just a piece of woolly material that secures to the hard cap by means of elastic.