The Brighteyes Family

Sylvanian Families Brighteyes Rabbit Family

Sylvanian Families Blackberry Rabbits (4785 - Café Waitress Set)

Purchased: Marion Brighteyes - 21 December 2012 (Small Imaginations)


Peter & Belinda and Bridesmaids coming soon...

Marion Brighteyes owns the Blackcurrant Café. Every morning she comes in very early to bake the cakes; she likes to do something different every day of the week so that her customers always come back for more. Once the cakes are in the oven she likes to make sure the café is spotless, and makes sure that the all the plates are washed up and put away. Just before opening the café she likes to relax with a cup of coffee and likes to samples one of the day's specials - well how else can she recommend a cake unless she tastes them?