The Buckley Family


Calico Critters Buckley Red Deer Family

Calico Critters Buckley Red Deer Baby on slide

Calico Critters Buckley Red Deer (Family - CC1457; Brother - 145703 (JP range), Carry case baby with slide - CC4)

Purchased: Family - 28 May 2012 (TAKEALOT); Brother -12 October 2012 (BeHappy); Carry Case baby - 7 January 2012 (Swopped with Roxy336);



Father Devin runs the Cloverleaf Corners Art Studio with his wife and enjoys bowling with his friends.

Mother Tabitha is a famous artist in Cloverleaf Corners, and even has her own Art Studio!

Brother Freddie Buckley loves to paint. His favourite lesson at school is art and he is always getting his friends to sit still in the playground or on the school field so he can paint their portraits. Freddie is actually getting very good, and spends every lunch time in the art room practising. He even sold some paintings at the Village Show this summer.

Sister Fawna loves painting pictures of flowers and playing the piano.

Baby brother Oscar likes to color and make mini clay cars.

Baby Sister Lily Buckley loves playing out in the garden and sliding down her pretty pink slide!

It is interesting to note that the Buckley ladies have heart shaped inner ears and only brown tipped ears, where the males have full brown ears and teardrop shaped inner ears. Except for little Oscar, who is supposed to be a baby brother, but has ears like his sister and mother and is thus the same colours as a baby girl would be.