Al Fresco


One beautiful summer morning, while on their family holiday to the coast, Devin Buckley got struck with the idea to take his family out for a picnic. After all, what would a holiday be if they didn't spend any time outdoors?

Devin packed a basket of goodies while the ladies got ready, and made sure that there were lots of yummy snacks for everyone to enjoy.


Sylvanian Families buckley red deer family picnic

Since it was the Buckleys' first time in Mosselbay, they took their time strolling around and looking at the scenery. Everything looked so much different than they were used to in Sylvania, and they would stop to admire every little flower and leaf along the way, taking mental notes to paint it later.


Sylvanian Families Buckley Red Deer Family picnic

After a while, Tabitha got the feeling that all was not well...

"Dear, are you certain you know where we are going?" She tentatively enquired.

Devin was very silent, but insisted that he knew exactly where they were, and if you know where you are, know where you are coming from and know where you are going, you can't be lost!


Sylvanian Families Buckley Red Deer Family picnic

He had walked the trail a few days before, but somewhere between the butterflies and trees, Devin had strayed from the path. It took some time and walking about, but finally the surroundings became more familliar to Devin, as they found the markers set out to show the hiking trail that they were originallly supposed to have followed...


Sylvanian Families Buckley Red Deer Family picnic

"It's not far now!" Devin exclaimed with a smile as he helped baby Oscar up the steep hill.

"Oh, daddy be carefull! The hill is terribly steep and if you fall, we will never get home." Fawna cried as Devin scrambled up the steep hill to join his family at the picnic area.


Sylvanian Families Buckley Red Deer Family picnic

Finally the family reached the picnic area midway through the hiking trail. The Buckley ladies were glad to find that the area had chairs and tables, as they were very tired after walking around in cirlces for most of the day. Devin quickly got a big skillet out and started making his famous holiday paella, while Fawna and baby Oscar went off to play, each with a brightly coloured cupcake in hand.


Sylvanian Families Buckley Red Deer Family picnic

"Oh, darling, this picnic was such a good idea!" Tabitha exclaimed as she rested in a big chair, while keeping a watchfull eye on their kids.

"We don't get out of the house nearly enough!" All of this fresh air makes me want to grab a paint brush and capture all the glory of the outdoors on canvas." She continued.

Devin just smiled and agreed. He knew that his wife spent most of her time at home in her art studio and that even on their holiday, she would be spending a lot of time with a paintbrush in hand. He just hoped that the move from Cloverleaf Corners would give Tabitha some more time to do other things, since Rooibosch Hill was a much smaller community.

Putting the thoughts of the big move out of his mind, Devin got out a bottle of Robertson Natural Sweet Red and the couple enjoyed the afternoon together while their lunch simmered peacefully on the fire.


Sylvanian Families Buckley Red Deer Family picnic

Baby Oscar and Fawna enjoyed playing in the beachy sand and swithched to playing dress-up when they had finished building their sand castles. Fawna spent the day as the princess of the castle, while Oscar was the brave knight, defending his sister's honour.


Sylvanian Families Buckley Red Deer Family picnic

When Devin was satisfied that his dish was cooked to perfection, he called the children to come have lunch. The Buckleys all enjoyed the steaming hot dish with fresh bread from the deli, while cheerfully chatting away about their big move to Rooibosch Hill.

"What better way to end a holiday than a bit of Al Fresco dining with your family?" Devin thought as he listened to Fawna and Tabitha's big plans for the new art studio.