The Bullrush Frog Family


Sylvanian Families Bullrush Frog Family

Sylvanian Families Bullrush Frogs (3370 - Family; 3365- Babies)

Released: 1991


  • Father: Walter Bullrush
  • Mother: Lydia Bullrush
  • Brother: Algernon Bullrush
  • Sister: Lily Bullrush
  • Standing Baby Brother: Moses Bulrush
  • Standing Baby Sister: Iris Bullrush


Walter Bullrush spends most of his time fishing from a lily pad, singing in his rough, croaky voice.  Unfortunately he's very bad at singing and scares the fish away. Walther doesn't mind though, because if he did catch a fish he'd only have to find something else to do.

Lydia Bullrush, unlike her husband, is very hardworking. She weaves the most beautiful baskets out of bullrushes. Her sunhats are also in great demand for the other Sylvanians and the ponies - the only problem is, that the ponies aren't sure whether to wear or eat them!

Algernon Bullrush is known as Algy to his friends. He takes after his mother and loves to help her. He spends hours collecting the best bullrushes for Lydia and is learning her basket weaving skills too.

Lily Bullrush has a very good voice, unlike her father - in fact she wants to be an opera singer when she grows up! Her favourite game is hop-scotch, because only Algy can beat her and he's always too busy to play!

Moses Bullrush adores having baths.  He spends hours splashing about with his rubber ducks and boats.  In fact sometimes he tries to get very muddy and dirty just so he can have two baths a day.

Iris Bullrush, on the other hand, hates being bathed.  When it's her turn in the tub, she cries and bawls and splashes the water.  She tries to keep clean all day, so she needs as few baths as possible.



*This is the original Tomy version of the Bullrush Frog Family that was released in 1991. They are quite hard to find in good, unfaded condition. Sadly, my babies are both very faded and not in great condition. In 2001, Flair released another version of this family in the UK. They now wore the same pink and blue clothing that the Calico Critters version wore. The CC version is the only version that includes a set of sitting and crawling twins and were only released in 2005.

**The above biographies for the family were taken from the Tomy version of the family, while the babies' biographies are from the Calico Critters twins.