The Buttercup Family

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Sylvanian Families Buttercup Cows (4167 - Family; 4422 - Grandparents; 4753 - Farm stall; 4168 - Standing Baby; 4169 - Twins)

Purchased: Farmstall and Standing baby - 28 May 2012 (TAKEALOT); Family & twins -12 October 2012 (BeHappy); Grandparents - 31 October 2012 (Ebay)



Hornbull Buttercup loves walking through the fields and woods around Sylvania all alone. He likes the peace and quiet and gets all huffy and bad tempered if he is disturbed during his thoughtful strolls. Some children find him frightening!

Daisy Buttercup is very nosy and likes to see and know what is going on. If she sees anyone out for a walk or off shopping, she will wander over to see what they are up to and have a chat.

Paddock Buttercup is very frisky, running, skipping and jumping everywhere, he just can't seem to stand still for long. All this pent up energy makes Paddock very good at the playground game of 'catch' but he is at a disadvantage when the children play a game of 'hide & seek'.

Annabell Buttercup does not like to rush anything. She walks slowly and gracefully, and has never been seen to run or even jog. Getting ready for school in the morning takes her hours.

Baby Cheddar Buttercup comes in a red romper suit, with a crib & bottle.

Twins Dolly & Fennel Buttercup are shy babies who don't like being away from their mother Daisy. They will not play by themselves when mother is doing housework, so she gives them a duster each and they follow her around the house dusting.

Dotty Buttercup is always kept busy as she loves looking after and running the farm shop. She sells all kinds of produce fresh and home-grown from Highfields Farm. With over 30 fruits and vegables in the shop there is a big selection to choose from. Dotty likes to tell her customers which vegetables are in season, and she always likes talking about Horace's Honey!

Angus Buttercup formed the Sylvanian Ramblers Club to encourage everyone to take up walking as a healthy and relaxing pursuit. Along with his wife, Bessie, he also ensures that all the local footpaths are kept in good repair and clear for everyone to use and enjoy. Footpaths are part of our great Sylvanian heritage, he is often heard to proclaim.

Bessie Buttercup, like her husband Angus, enjoys the great outdoors with its scenic beauty and healthy fresh air. As a proud member of the Sylvanian Ramblers Club, she is in charge of producing the club-leaflets which lets everyone know the best scenic routes around Sylvania. Both Grandfather Angus and Grandmother Betty enjoy their weekly walk together to visit Dotty Buttercup at the Farm Shop. They like to buy their fresh produce for the week, and then come home to have dinner with the whole Buttercup Family