The Calico Cat Family
Customized Sylvanians.


Sylvanian Families Custom Made Calico Cats

Sylvanian Families Custom Calico Cats (LL004)

Customised: June-July 2015


  • Father: Colby Calico
  • Mother: Amber Calico
  • Brother: Gizmo Calico
  • Sister: Autumn Calico

Colby Calico is a stage magician by trade and spends his days performing magic tricks at children’s parties all
over Sylvania. He loves his job and feels that the world needs just a little more magic sometimes.

Amber Calico used to be a trapeze artist with a traveling circus. When she met Colby, she knew instantly that they were meant to be. “It was just like magic!” She always says. Now Amber runs the household and sews new stage costumes for Colby’s shows, something that keeps her very busy as Gizmo is always coming up with new ideas for his father’s stage costumes!

Gizmo Calico, like his father, loves performing for the audience and he hopes to someday follow in his footsteps to become a great magician. He spends most of his time trying to figure out just how his father’s magic tricks work, but for now Gismo’s greatest trick is making his dessert disappear at every meal!

Autumn Calico is a shy little girl and prefers not being in front of the crowds. She has a great artistic talent and
paints all of the backdrops for her father’s shows. That way there is a little bit of Autumn in every magic show that
Colby performs!


*This family was a custom project for a trade with a friend and no longer reside in my village. However, as I wrote their biographies and did their repaint, I decided to add them to my custom Sylvanians corner.