Carry Case Babies

On this page, you will find a list of all of my carry case baby Sylvanian Families. These critters each came in a clear plastic case with a little accessory and do not have official names or biographies. I have given some of them names and you can find them in their family profiles on my figure collection page.


  • Beaver in bath
  • Cat on duck potty
  • Chick in egg pram
  • Beagle dog on pony ride
  • Bear on tricycle
  • Rabbit on rocking horse
  • Bear with bag
  • Cat at desk
  • Panda on train
  • Monkey on tricycle - Not owned
  • Polar bear on duck ride-along
  • Squirrel on swing
  • Cat on see-saw
  • Rabbit in cradle
  • Deer on slide