The Cat-Wood Cat Family


Sylvanian Families Catwood Cat Familiy

Photo by Wendy

Sylvanian Families Catwood Cat Family

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  • Father: Bob Cat-Wood (Not Owned)
  • Mother: Kitty Cat-Wood (Not Owned)
  • Brother: Thomas Cat-Wood (Not Owned)
  • Sister: Tabitha Cat-Wood (Not Owned)
  • Standing Baby Broter: Chess Cat-Wood (Not Owned)
  • Standing Baby Sister: Feebi Cat-Wood (Not Owned)


Bob Cat-Wood keeps the Sylvanian library. He is very good at remembering where things are, especially helpful when Kitty loses her pens.

Kitty Cat-Wood writes down records of everything that happens in the Sylvanian Woods. She is always the first one to know about the important dates like birthdays.

Thomas Cat-Wood is always telling stories of distant lands and adventures to the young Sylvanians. Some people think he makes them up.

Tabitha Cat-Wood loves to paint pictures of the very beautiful Sylvanian Woods, but she is usually too busy painting portraits of her friends and family.

Baby Chess Cat-Wood likes scribling with his crayons, but he cannot understand why no one can tell what his pictures are!

Baby Feebi Cat-Wood collects things, anything from games and books to oddly shaped bits of wood and milk bottle tops. What a muddle!



The Catwood family is very similar to the Urban Life ivory cat family from Japan.