The Chantilly Cat Family


Sylvanian Families Chantilly Cat Family

Sylvanian Families Chantilly Cats (4333 - New Arrival; 4354 - Esme's Camping Set; 4332 - Christian's Bedtime; 4508 - Rainbow Nursery Set; 2239 - Garden BBQ set)

Purchased: New Arrival - 27 May 2012 (Brits Toy Shop); Baby - 28 May 2012 (TAKEALOT); Kids - 9 June 2012 (Ebay); Garden BBQ set - 6 November 2012 (EDUKID))


  • Father: Maurice Chantilly
  • Mother: Myriam Chantilly
  • Brother: Christian Chantilly
  • Sister: Esme Chantilly
  • Sleeping Baby Broter: Jacques Chantilly
  • Standing Baby Sister: Colette Chantilly (No official name)
  • Sitting Baby Sister: No Official Name (Carry Case) (Not Owned)


Maurice Chantilly is famous for his barbecue parties and marvellous hospitality. The food is always delicious and plentiful and Maurice loves to chat and tell funny stories. 

Myriam Chantilly, known to all her friends as Mims, is a new mother. The latest addition to the family is young Jacques, a bouncing baby boy and a real bundle of joy. Jacques' family has bought him lots of welcoming presents such as a beautiful new crib and a special outfit and feeding accessories. Mims, being very organised, has Jacques' daily routine planned to perfection giving her time to look look after the rest of the family and still have plenty of fun time with her new 'treasure'.

Christian Chantilly loves getting ready for bed! This cute set includes Christian in his favourite pyjamas and everything else he needs for a cosy bedtime.

These four toddlers with their feeding bottles and dummies can be found every afternoon having fun at Rainbow Nursery, either learning their ABC's, dancing, listening to stories or music. All four then have a little nap before their mothers arrive to take them home. Set includes Appleblossom grey squirrel baby, Blackberry rabbit baby, Honeybear tan bear baby and Chantilly cream cat baby. (Colette)


Sylvanian Families Christian Chantilly Cat Brother in original clothes

Christian Chantilly came in the Christian's bedtime set and originally wore a set of pajamas as in the photo above. I do not like having my critters in their pajamas all day, so I changed him into a set of dungarees that I had spare that matched his original outfit best.

Apart from being available in the BBQ set, Maurice Chantilly also came in a lollipop man outfit in a set with the Patches dinner lady, in the place of Eric Renard. Since the lollipop man's trousers tend to stain, it is believed that the Chantilly father figure was swapped out for the Renard figure to prevent stains on his light flocking.