The Cheshire Cat Family


Sylvanian Families Cheshire grey eared white Cat Familiy

Sylvanian Families Cheshire Cat Family (4707 - Butler Set; 4703 - Ballroom Set; 4547 - School Play; 4280 - Music Lesson Set)

Purchased: Butler Set & Ballroom Set - 22 January 2015 (Trade Jessica); Flair School play - 24 July 2015 (SSK); Music Lesson Set - 4 February 2015(Trade Lucy)


  • Father: James Cheshire (No Official Name)
  • Mother: Grace Cheshire
  • Brother: Gregory Cheshire
  • Sister: Constance Cheshire
  • Sister: Constance Cheshire (From School Puils set 4546) (NOT OWNED)


James Cheshire comes in the Hotel Butler set. Perfect for the Regency Hotel or indeed your large Sylvanian home where the family just need a little help! This set includes smartly dressed Cheshire cat father as the butler along with serving accessories for afternoon tea!

Grace Cheshire and Kelly have been entertaining the good folks of Sylvania since their school days. They preform at dances, concerts and now of course at the Grand Hotel. Kelly on the grand piano can play a storm while Grace melts hearts with her beautiful singing voice.

Carlotta Basset & Gregory Cheshire have the leading roles in the school play. The school play takes place at the end of each year at Berry Grove School, and is the highlight of the school calendar for pupils and parents.

Constance Cheshire and Carlotta can't wait for Monday evening to come around, because that is when they have their weekly music lesson, which they just love. The two firls are taking lessons in singing and playing the violin but, as they only have one violin, they have to take it in turns to play it while the other sings along! They take their music very seriously and always dress up for the lesson in their favourite dresses and best shoes.

Constance Cheshire and Charlie Basset both love school and their teachers. Art is Constance's favourite lesson, she particulartly enjoys painting landscapes with water colours. Charlie adores maths and the magic of numbers. They spend hours in the library doing their homework before going home for their tea.



Each member of the Cheshire family comes in a separate set, most of them with a Basset dog, except father who comes alone. Father Cheshire does not have an official name, and is only referred to as the "Cheshire Father butler". Sister Constance Cheshire comes in two versions, one with the music lesson set and the other with the school pupils set along with Charlie Basset.
There are no babies for this family.