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Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbits (2201 - Father; 2202 - Mother; 2203 - Brother; 2204 - Sister; 2205 - Baby with bed; 2206 - Twins & pram; 2235 - Christmas Party Set; Baby in crib; Grandparents - 4627)

Purchased: 2011 (Brits Toy Shop - SA); Christmas set - 28 June 2012 (Knysna Toy Shop - SA); Grandparents - 31 October 2012 (Ebay)



Frasier Chocolate has been making sweets since he was a young boy and he's now a confectioner of the highest calibre. It all started when his mother showed him how to make crystallised fruit, which is very easy, but his chocolate creations today are a work of art as well as tasting heavenly.

Teri Chocolate makes all the fillings for Frazier's chocolate creations; the strawberry surprise being the best. Her kitchen is always full of the rich smell of fruit mixed with the sweet smells of sugar and spices bubbling in pots. It makes your mouth water just thinking about it!

Coco Chocolate is not permitted to help his father or mother in the preparation of their confectionery concoctions because he eats more than he makes! He's put to useful employment being the delivery boy for the family.

Freya Chocolate, unlike her brother, doesn't eat sweets or chocolate, so she helps her mother prepare the fillings. She does eat a lot of fruit though!

Twin baby brother Kabe and sister Breeze Chocolate love to help clean up after their parents, licking clean the chocolate covered spoons and bowls. Teri, their mother, is sure more chocolate is put on their clothes than in their tummies.

Creme Chocolate comes complete with crib and bottle.

Rhys Chocolate has a sweet tooth for crystalised fruit. His wife Patricia is really good at turning all kinds of fruit into jars full of sticky delights. Rhys therefore spends hours every day searching for new foods for his wife to preserve and bottle.

Patricia Chocolate, when she was younger, loved to share out the cooking and food preparation tasks with her now grown up children. These cooking lessons in her old kitchen lead to her son, Frazier becoming a confectioner when he grew up and a very good confectioner he is.