The Clearwater Family



Sylvanian Families Sewing with Mother Clearwater Vole Family

Sylvanian Families Clearwater Voles (4488 - Sewing with Mother; 4490 - Dentist set with figure)

Purchased: Sewing with mother - 2 June 2012 (TAKEALOT); Father - 7 November 2012 (Gift - Sigrun)



Spencer Clearwater is the new dentist in Sylvania. He is exceedingly well qualified, with a "first" degree and certificates from the University of Sylvania, which he proudly displays on the surgery reception wall. As a child, Spencer loved visiting the Dentist for check ups and was fanatical about brushing and cleaning his teeth, insisting the rest of his family did the same.

Sybil Clearwater is an expert needlewoman who spends many a happy hour teaching her daughter Stephanie the art of sewing. Stephanie loves using her mother's sewing machine more than stitching her creations by hand, it's quicker and you don't prick your thumb! Sybil enjoys embroidery as she finds it very relaxing and it can be done whilst listening to the radio.