Handmade Sylvanian Clothing


I recently had some bad luck bidding on items on Ebay, so I decided to put my efforts into something a bit more constructive.

Reading the story about the Carnival Queen in the Sylvanian Families Collectors Magazine, I found some inspiration and started sewing!


Sylvanian Families Carnival Queen Handmade Dress

This was my entry for the Carnival Queen Competition. :-)


Sylvanian Families Handmade Dresses for Sister and baby sister figures 

These are some of the dresses that I made for my international Sylvanian Families Collector Friends. This is the first batch, but I didn't take any photos of the second batch, so I am hoping to get some photos of them fro, their recipients. :-)


Sylvanian Families custom handmade doctor nurse and policeman outfits

I had the opportunity to do someting really constructive with my talents for once! These outfits are for a very special purpose - they will be going to a wonderful lady who works with little kids who have been abused and mistreated and little ones who are terminally ill and need to undergo scary procedures and treatments. This special lady is using our beloved critters to heal big scars on tiny hearts and hopefully these tiny little outfits will aid her in achieving her goal!