The Columbus Seabreeze Rabbit Family


Sylvanian Families Columbus Seabreeze Rabbit Family

Sylvanian Families Celebration Seabreeze Rabbits (4774)

Released: Circa 2012


  • Father: Lawrence Columbus
  • Mother: Doris Columbus
  • Brother: Tristan Columbus
  • Sister: Morgan Columbus
  • Baby Sister: Nessie Columbus

Lawrence Columbus has just sailed into Sylvania, another epic sea voyage behind him. This brave seafaring captain just loves life on the ocean wave and is quite happy to go where the tradewinds take him. Of course, everyone in Sylvania looks forward to his return with equal pleasure. The children can't wait to hear about his latest adventures, especially as mermaids, lost underwater cities and even the mysterious Sylvania Triangle regularly feature in his tales!

Doris Columbus always accompanies her husband whenever he sets off on one of his 'mystery voyages', as she likes to call them. She says she is not sure he would ever find his way back otherwise! She keeps herself busy by writing the captain's log, a daily account of all the activities and event on the ship. It's also her job to make sure everyone on board has healthy meals with lots of fruit and vegetables. She suspects they would all eat out of tins if it wasn't for her!

Tristan Columbus loves life at sea just as mush as his father does. He is busy learning all the ropes and has high hopes that one day he will be a ship's captain too. Just at the moment though his job as a cabin boy keeps him very busy. His tasks range from swabbing decks and tying knots to polishing the brass buttons on the captain's uniform. When he gets bigger Tristan is hoping that his father will finally allow him to climb up the mast and be the first one to spot land!

Morgan Columbus sometimes wishes that her family would just spend a little more time on land! She knows just how lucky she is to go on all these seafaring adventures with them, but she is always glad when her father decides to set sail for home. Everyone knows when Morgan is particularly happy as she can be heard singing one of her favorite sea shanties. She has a lovely voice but her brother Tristan always makes out his ears are hurting and pretends to jump overboard!

Nessie Columbus always goes along on the voyages too. Her mother thinks she is the most well-behaved baby in the world as the motion of the waves lulls her to sleep so quickly!


Sylvanian Families Columbus Seabreeze Rabbit Family Keychain Baby

Sylvanian Families Columbus Seabreeze Rabbit Baby Keychain

Releasedsed: Circa 2000 Onwards


  • Baby Sister: Coral Columbus (No Official Name)

*This family was originally released in Japan in 2008 and the Japanese version is very rare to find. They were exclusively available at the Yokohama Port in Japan at the time. But in 2012, Flair re-released this family as part of their 25th Anniversary series, now labelled as the Seabreeze Celebration Family.

Personally this is one of my favourite rabbit families and I just love their unique sailor outfits.