The Corntop Family


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Sylvanian Families Corntop Rabbit Family

Purchased: 2013 (Ebay); Trades


Hector Corntop/Kendall Hoppinset loves digging in his garden. He's never happier than when he's planting row upon row of carrots and lettuce.

Christabel Corntop/Sybil Hoppinset is very proud of her fruit garden and orchard. Her apples are famous for being the crispest and the most delicious in the whole of Sylvania.

Scott Corntop/Austin Hoppinset can run faster than any other rabbit in Sylvania. He's always organizing races just so he can prove how fast he is.

Kristy Corntop/Trina Hoppinset loves dancing and putting on dance events. Her favorite dance event is the Barn Dance she puts on every year with Misty Waters at the school for all the children of Sylvania.

Baby Cora Corntop/Minnie Hoppinset likes to help her father in the garden. But she prefers pulling carrots up and eating them to actually planting them.