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Sylvanian Families Cottontail Grandparents

Sylvanian Families Cottontail Rabbit Baby in walker

Sylvanian Families & Calico Critters Cottontail Rabbits (CC1628 - Family; CC1629 - Twins; 4391 - Yellow Sit Baby; 3405 - Standing Baby; 3380 - Baby in walker)

Purchased: Grandparents & yellow baby - 8 April 2012 (Second-hand - SA); Family & Twins - 24 July 2012 (Second-hand USA)



Puzzle sister coming soon...

Father Aaron Cottontail is a down-to-earth and hardworking furniture maker, who takes great pride in his family and his work. He is such a skilled craftsman, everybody in Cloverleaf Corners can recognise his furniture, because each piece looks just like a work of art.

Mother Sorrel Cottontail is a practical mother and homemaker, who spends all her spare time - which is not much, decorating and improving the family's beautiful home.

Brother Gromwel Cottontail is a very energetic boy who loves football. He has the untidiest bedroom in Cloverleaf Corners, which he is always telling his mother he will clean tomorrow. But tomorrow never seems to come!

Sister Willow Cottontail is always up to something. Her father says she should have been called Wild not Willow! Whether up a tree or down a hole, she's always in trouble. But all it takes is a winning smile and a peck on his cheek, to get back on his good side.

Baby Brother Comfrey Cottontail just loves watching his father at work, and given a chance, he'd pick up dad's tools and make furniture too!

Baby Sister Angelica Cottontail loves her teddies and her dollies, which she plays with for hours and hours. When she's not playing with them, she's talking, and my word can she talk, not that anything she says makes any sense!

Baby Sister Juniper Cottontail comes with a little pink tricycle in a plastic carry case. (No Official Name)

Baby Brother Thyme Cottontail comes with a baby walker in a plastic carry case. (No Official Name)

Christopher Cottontail used to make handmade furniture before he retired and his wife Carmen has been dancing ever since she could walk.

Baby Brother Thyme Cottontail comes with a baby walker in a plastic carry case. (No Official Name)