The Dale Family

Sylvanian Families Dale Sheep Grandparents

Sylvanian Families Dale Sheep Aunt and Vegetable Patch

Sylvanian Families Dale Sheep (4769 - Grandparents; 4758 - Aunt & Vegetable Patch)

Purchased: Grandparents - 2 April 2012 (TAKEALOT); Aunt & Vegetable Patch - 18 November 2012 (Ebay)


The Dales look after the orchard in Sylvania, and Grandfather Wesley Dale planted it back when he was young, he likes to stroll through the orchard at every possibility. Grandma Dove Dale loves to look after the grandchildren and they love her as she likes to play hide and seek with them. But she is best loved for her home cooking and her grandchildren always ask for seconds.

Sheep Auntie Wendy Dale is part of the Dale family. Wendy works on Highfields Farm planting seeds in the vegetable patch, watering them to make them grow, and then tending to the vegetables with her rake. The trusty scarecrow keeps those mischevious birds away from eating the produce. Once the vegetables are ready, Wendy harvests them for Penleigh Buttercup to deliver to Dotty Buttercup to sell in the Farm Shop. Wendy thinks that talking to her vegetables helps them grow, but now not only does she talk to them she also has taken to singing to them as well. It must work as her harvest is always very good!