The Dandelion Family

(JP Ivory Rabbit Family)

Sylvanian Families Dandelion Rabbit Family from the Japanese line of Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families Dandelion Ivory Rabbits (15910 - Father; 15920 - Mother; 15930 - Brother; 15940 - Sister)

Purchased: 16 September 2012 (Ebay)



Burdock Dandelion, like all of his family, is very forgetful, which is how they lost the twins Lavender and Larkspur all those years ago in the woods.

Angelica Dandelion, because of her bad memory, puts baby Primula on a hand lead when they go out, just to make sure she doesn't lose another baby.

Figwort Dandelion has developed great hearing which comes in very handy when he gets lost! He gets lost a lot, but can always walk toward the sound of his worried parents calling his name.

Aster Dandelion trails rice behind her wherever she goes, so should she get lost, all she has to do is turn around and follow the trail of rice home.