The Darwin Family


Sylvanian Families Darwin Monkey Family and Twins

Sylvanian Families Darwin Monkey Family (Family - 4434; Twins - 3239; Baby - 3422)

Purchased: 2013 (Brits Toyshop)


Geoff Darwin knows more about nature than anyone in Sylvania. He is a famous botanist and spends his days in the forest searching for flowers and plants. He is totally devoted to his work and loves nothing better than discovering an interesting new fern or orchid.

Shirley Darwin carefully draws the plants and flowers her husband brings home each day. Her sketches are so detailed that once it took her over a week to draw a simple buttercup. But thankfully Geoff always thinks his wife's illustrations are worth waiting for.

Simon Darwin is far too energetic to be interested in plants or drawing. His parents think he's too energetic because if he's not playing football he's playing basketball, and if he's not playing basketball he's playing cricket.

Katie Darwin is almost as active as her brother. As one of the best gymnasts in Sylvania she spends her days swinging on bars, balancing on beams and somersaulting over the floor. Her favourite event is the exercise horse as she loves to show off her strong arms - in fact Simion won't compete with her as he secretly suspects she's stronger than he is!

Bobo and Bubbles Darwin go plant foraging every morning with their father and their artistic mother lets them play with crayons on her studio floor every afternoon. They often fall asleep before teatime!

Malcolm Darwin, who is on a pupil exchange year at St. John's School, excels at all sports, ranging from football to basketball to baseball.  He gets up early each morning to practice his basketball shots and in the evening can be found throwing and catching his baseball out on the school field.

Marjorie Darwin is on a pupil exchange year at St. John's School, specializing in gymnastics.  Her favourite activities are the horse and the unicycle, but she is very good in all the gymnastic disciplines.

Judy Darwin has been working with her coach, Ken Golightly, since she was very small. Lots of preparation has gone in to her performance. Her favourite piece of apparatus is the balance beam, and she hopes to do very well. The Games are in full swing and a huge crowd has turned out to see the Gymnastics.  There's going to be a floor routine, rhythmic gymnastics, balance beam and vault.  Judy Darwin is bound to come home with a medal from one of the events.  She loves all forms of gymnastics, but if she was to choose a favourite then it would be the balance beam and this is the one which she really would like to win a medal in, but the competition is going to be tough.  Ken Golightly is Judy's coach and has been working with her ever since she was a baby monkey when he talent spotted her swinging around on the monkey bars in the park and balancing on the park bench.