The Doughty Family

sylvanian families doughty Chiffon dog family

Sylvanian Families Doughty Dog Hamburger Wagon

Sylvanian Families Doughty Dogs (3139 - Family; 3416 - Babies; 4841 - Hamburger Wagon; Twins - 213808(JP series)

Purchased: Family & wagon - 18 March 2012 (Brits Toy Shop - SA); Twins - 12 October 2012 (BeHappy)); Older Sister - 12 October 2012 (BeHappy - Free Gift)


*I could not find biographies for the Doughty Chiffon Dog family, so I used the names and biographies from the Calico Critters family in stead.*

Marty Doughty is a famous chef and owns a restaurant in Cloverleaf Corners called "Sunnybrooks". His favorite dishes to cook are fettucine alfredo, mozzarella sticks, and pizza. His friends and family come to visit him all the time to taste his special meals. Marty has also written several cook books, which all are best sellers.

Grace Doughty is a very talented, famous actress. She often plays the lead role in several plays and movies. Her children love watching her on TV! When she goes into town, every critter always wants a picture with her and her autograph.

Max Doughty is very intelligent and always gets A's in school. He likes to read a lot and learn about new things everyday. His favorite subject in school is science. He recently made a volcano out of clay and won 1st place in the Science Fair!

Ginger Doughty is very energetic and likes to stay active. She is on her school's track team and soccer team. She's the fastest runer and hse always scores the most goals in her soccer games. She also likes to exercise in her spare time.

Taylor Doughty loves watching TV! His mother has to turn the TV off so he can crawl around and play with his sister outside. Once he is outside, he has so much that it is hard for his mother to get him back inside the house!

Tasha Doughty loves to finger paint! She likes dipping her fingers into the paint and making pretty colorful pictures for her mother. Her mother hangs all of her masterpieces on the refrigerator for all to see.

Austin Doughty Likes reading and can often be found with his nose in a picture book. Although he can't read yet, he asks his older siblings to read him stories when they have some time together.

Nigella Doughty inherited her father's love of cooking. Although she is still small, she loves helping her oldest sister and father in the kitchen when they are cooking. She dreams of writing her own cook books oneday, just like her father.

Delia Doughty is a big fan of her father's cooking. She loves to read all of his cook books and can often be found in her mother's kitchen, trying out new recipes. She has started up her own little business and spends her time selling popcorn and snacks at the beach.

Hamburger Wagon - Gordon Doughty serves fresh salads, sandwiches and rolls from his wagon in the Sylvanian village square. Gordon loves to watch the football games on the village green, especially on a fresh winter's morning. When he's not busy serving he likes to coach the village team having been a professional player himself. He's always shouting at the boys and girls, encouraging them to play to the best of their ability and to be brave on the pitch. Win or lose he's always full of praise for those who have tried their hardest.

Biographies in dark pink are not official Sylvania Families Biographies - they are my own, since the characters don't have official names.