The Doughty Chiffon Dog Family


Sylvanian Families Family

Sylvanian Families Doughty Chiffon Dog Family (3139)

Released: Circa 2012


  • Father: Gordon Doughty
  • Mother: Delia Doughty
  • Brother: David Doughty
  • Sister: Karen Doughty
  • Baby Brother: Austin Doughty
  • Baby Sister: Nigella Doughty

Gordon Doughty serves fresh salads, sandwiches and rolls from his burger wagon. Gordon loves to watch the football games on the village green, when he’s not busy serving he likes to coach the village team having been a professional player himself. He’s always shouting at the boys and girls, encouraging them to play to their best ability and to be brave on the pitch. Win or lose he’s always full of praise for those who have tried their hardest.

Delia Doughty is a great cook. It’s often said that Delia makes the best apple pie in Sylvania and she agrees! “I don’t like to boast but my apple pies are the best, it’s my signature dish,” she insists. Her other passion is football. She stands on the touchline all through the game with her husband Gordon, ready with pieces of fresh orange and bottles of water for the boys and girls at half time.

David Doughty is the bravest footballer in the whole of Sylvania. He’s the team’s hottest striker which makes Gordon and Delia very proud of their ‘doughty’ little man!

Karen Doughty was told by her mother that her first name meant ‘pure’, although her best friend, Renee ‘Ruby’ Sparkle, doesn’t agree! She’s always telling Karen to tidy her hair as it is so messy and bushy but despite her comments, Karen and Renee are the best of friends. Both girls love attending dance classes. Whilst Renee, with her big grin, takes centre stage at the shows, Karen prefers to dance at the back, often tripping over things. Her mother tells her to show more ‘doughtiness’ when performing.

Austin Doughty just loves his mummy’s apple pie, so much so that he eats his food really quickly to make sure that he doesn’t get left out for second helpings!

Nigella Doughty can always be found in the kitchen, sitting on the floor with the fridge door open wide and her face covered in something delicious and messy!


Sylvanian Families Doughty Dog Older Sister JP Fan Club Figure

Sylvanian Families Doughty Chiffon Dog Older Sister

Releasedsed: Circa 2008


  • Older Sister: Delila Doughty (No Official Name)

*The Doughty Dog family was originally released in Japan in 2008. Older sister Doughty Chiffon Dog was the Japanese Collectors Club figure for 2008 and could only be obtained if you held a membership to the club at that time.