The Evergreen Bear Family

Sylvanian Families Evergreen Bear Family

Sylvanian Families Evergreen Bear Grandparents

Sylvanian Families Evergreen bears (4115 - Family; 1447 - Grandparents; Tomy Grandfather - 2820; 4116 - Baby boy/girl)

Purchased: TOMY Family & Babies - 17 April 2015 (Mel); Grandparents - 20 March 2014 (SSK); Babies - 9 September 2014 (SSK); Tomy Grandfather - 5 July 2015 (Ebay)



Forrest Evergreen is known as the "Forest Doctor" because he is an expert in the ways and uses of plants.  If you have a toothache he will make you a poultice of cloves, for a tummy ache he'll recommend that you need ginger.  For all the little children he has a "cure all special", a big bag of lemon drops, which makes him very popular.

Honeysuckle Evergreen just loves reading.  In fact she will read anything and everything, which is one reason why her shopping trips take so long!  She reads all the details of all the ingredients on each and every tin and packet before deciding what to buy.  Her favourite time of day is children's bedtime, when she can read them all a bedtime story.  She always starts her classes by stressing how dangerous the river can be.

Logan Evergreen studies everything. Sometimes he figures out the endings of Mama's mystery story before she reads it.

Summer Evergreen loves school. She not only sees her friends there, but she gets to learn so many interesting things, just like you and me.

Preston Evergreen is always fooling around, playing jokes or telling them.  Everyone finds him very funny and loveable so he is excused his pranks even by his form teacher in school!

Ashley Evergreen Just can't slow down!  She is quick thinking, quick talking and moves at lightning speed!  Spending any time with Ashley is truly exhausting as well as being a little stressful.

Dusty Evergreen and his twin Poppy are opposites. When she wakes up, he gets sleepy and likes his mom to read "Goldilocks and the Three Bears."

Poppy Evergreen is a little bundle of fun. Her favorite games are peek-a-boo with sister Summer and horsey ride on daddy's knee.

Grandfather Ernest Evergreen is Sylvania’s great inventor. He locks himself away in his shed for days on end whenever he has an idea for some gadget or other. It must be said that not all Ernest’s inventions have been a success and many of them don’t seem to work at all!

Grandmother Primrose Evergreen is Sylvania’s ‘weather girl’ with an instinct for what tomorrow’s weather will bring. If her ears itch it will be sunny, if her toes itch it will rain, if her nose itches it will snow! Ernest jokes that if Primrose itches all over it will be because she caught measles.





My Evergreen Bear family is a mixed one - the family, grandfather with wire glasses and one set of babies is from the TOMY line of Sylvanians from the 80's, while my grandparents set and the standing babies are from Flair.