The Farthing Family

Sylvanian Families Farthing Dog Family

Sylvanian Families Farthing Dog Family (Cycling with Mother - 2236; Day at the Seaside - 2238; Applewood Cottage with sister - 4869)

Purchased: Mother - 19 November 2012 (; Day at the beach -6 November 2012 (EDUKID); Sister - 7 November 2012 (Gift - Sigrun)



Safe behind his wind break, Harley Farthing loves reading the newspaper on his deck chair in the sun while his son Vespa happily builds sand castles on the beach, plays ball or goes for a swim wearing his rubber ring. They have a picnic in their rucksack with sandwiches, fruit and ice cream, plus a flask of tea. What a great day out!

Penny and baby Rally set out each morning on their bike to collect the bread from the bakery. Rally, excitedly sitting in the front basket willing his mother to go faster!

Wren Farthing is very penny-wise - she always saves up all of her hard earned pocket money. That way she can always buy ice-cream at the beach for all of her friends during the summer holidays.

Wren farthing does not have an official biography - the one in dark pink is my own and is not her official biography.