The Fielding Field Mouse Family


Sylvanian Families Fielding Mouse Family

Sylvanian Families Fielding Mouse Family (4178)

Released: Circa 2010


  • Father: Darcy Fielding
  • Mother: Bridget Fielding
  • Brother: Daniel Fielding
  • Sister: Helen Fielding

Darcy Fielding is a cobbler and makes everything from clogs and boots to slippers and sandals. He is a very skilled craftsman, but he is also very shy and rarely says more than "Thank you, madam," or "Ready next week, sir," when Sylvanians come into his shop.

Bridget Fielding is a great help to her husband. She not only buys all the shiny materials and colourful laces that he needs to make his fine shoes, but she also assists him with his many customers. The only problem with this is that she is very shy too and rarely speaks above a whisper. Sometimes she has to repeat herself three of four times before people realise that she's even talking to them!

Daniel Fielding is as intelligent as can be but it took his teachers a long time to discover this as he never says more than two words in class. It was only when he got top marks in every subject that they realised just how clever he was.

Helen Fielding is as quiet as the rest of her family, except when it comes to netball. She walks out onto the netball court and begins to order everyone around as loudly as possible.


Sylvanian Families Fielding Mouse Standing Baby

Sylvanian Families Fielding Mouse Baby (4180)

Releasedsed: Circa 2010


  • Standing Baby Sister: Clop Fielding

Clop Fielding spends most of her time curled up together with her siblings in one of the wooden clogs her father once made. And when she is not fast asleep, she likes nothing better than getting under her parents' feet!



Sylvanian Families Fielding Mouse Twins

Sylvanian Families Fielding Mouse Twins (4179)

Releasedsed: Circa 2010


  • Crawling Baby Broter: Clip Fielding
  • Sleeping Baby Sister: Clipperty Fielding

Clip & Cliperty Fielding spend most of their time curled up together in one of the old wooden clogs their father once made. And when the're not fast asleep, they like nothing better than getting under their parents' feet!




*This family of four all have names relating to the novel "Bridget Jones' Diary" by author Helen Fielding.

The Fielding mouse family was first released in Japan around 2009. That version had slightly different clothing than the UK release. The twins came with a pacifier and baby bottle, and the standing baby had a crib and bottle as per usual. I adore the pink and brown noses denoting boys and girls in this family!