The Fisher Cat Family


Calico Critters Fisher Cat Family and Twins

Calico Critters Fisher Cat Family (CC1640 - Family; CC1641 - Twins)

Purchased: Family & Twins - 2013 (Beverly's Sale)


  • Father: Schroeder Fisher
  • Mother: Isabel Fisher
  • Brother: Linus Fisher
  • Sister: Lauren Fisher
  • Crawling Baby Brother: Eddie Fisher
  • Sitting Baby Sister: Michelle Fisher
  • Grandfather: Tom Fisher (Not Owned)
  • Grandmother: Diana Fisher (Not Owned)


Schroeder Fisher is the finest house builder in all of Sylvania. He is best known for his creative woodwork and ornate carvings. Schroeder is the quiet sort until asked for his building advice, then he is often late for dinner.

Isabel Fisher can often be seen and heard tending to her luscious garden. Aside from gardening, Isabel’s second favourite pastime is singing opera. She often engages in both at the same time. She is famous in Sylvania for her delicious vegetable soup and the size of her blue–ribbon tomatoes.

Linus Fisher is known in Sylvania for his playful disposition and his many friends. He is a practical joker and loves to tease his sister. His favourite pastime is getting his sister to chase him by sneaking her snacks.

Lauren Fisher loves to run through the meadow, climb trees and skipping with her friends. She is always returning home with various cuts and bruises. All it takes, however, is a quick bath, a little lecture from her mother and she is out and about the next morning to do it all over again

Eddie Fisher has inherited his mother's affection for gardening. His favorite pastime is exploring among the carrots and crawling through the cabbage patch. Unfortunately, Mother who is always shooing him away does not appreciate his curiousity.

Michelle Fisher is always cheerful and giddy. She loves to collect all kinds of things like string and toys. She is happiest when her twin brother joins her on crawls through the backyard or in the park.

Grandfather Tom Fisher is enjoying his retirement. He spent most of his life in the building industry, which his son is now following in. These days Tom is most content sat in the garden under his favourite tree having a snooze, or telling stories to his grandchildren.

Grandmother Diana Fisher is often asked to be the judge at village fetes. Be it judging home-made cakes or preserves, or judging home-grown vegetables. It certainly keeps her busy, but she enjoys every minute of it. Like she says 'Who could turn down the chance to eat all those cakes?'.



Grandmother Diana was available in the UK along with a marquee tent, but grandfather was a US ecclusive in the grandparents set. The twins are also exclusive to the US, although the family was later released in the UK.