The Furbanks Family

Sylvanian Families Furbanks Squirrel Family

Sylvanian Families Furbanks Squirrels (30F - Family; 30B - Baby Boy; 30G - Baby Girl)

Purchased: 8 April 2012 (Second-hand - SA)



Kenneth Furbanks loves acting and directing and telling people what to do with a big booming voice and dramatic gestures. You can see he takes acting awfully seriously.

Emma Furbanks
everyone 'darling' or 'lovely'. That's because she's always so busy trying to remember her lines that she forgets everyone's names! Emma is a very fine actress but she's terribly modest about her talent.
She is always rehearsing her lines. In fact, people sometimes think she's talking to herself!

Douglas Furbanks spends most of his time in an imaginary world of his own-- a world populated by pirates, white knights and bright green fire-breathing dragons! For Douglas, there's nothing better that pretending he is a swashbuckling hero saving a fair maiden.

Greta Furbanks is the exact opposite of her brother. Quiet and with both feet firmly planted on the ground, Greta is a perfectionist. Everything, especially her acting, has to be just right.

Ray and Fay Furbanks have literally been born into the acting profession - and they love it! In particular, they have great fun playing with all the make-up and face paints. So, if someone isn't watching them very carefully, this naughty couple will soon cover themselves from head to toe in bright colors.