The Golightly Silk Cat Family


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Sylvanian Families Golightly Cat Family (4175 - Family; 4176 - Twins; 4177 - Standing Baby; 3590 - Nursery Picnic Set)

Released: Circa 2011


  • Father: Fred Golightly
  • Mother: Holly Golightly
  • Brother: Toby Golightly
  • Sister: Tiffany Golightly
  • Sister: Tiffany Golightly (Seaside Camping Set)
  • Crawling Baby Brother: George Golightly
  • Sleeping Baby Sister: Ginni Golightly
  • Standing Baby Sister: Gilly Golightly
  • Standing Baby Sister: Gemma Golightly (No Official Name)
  • Uncle: Ken Golightly (NOT OWNED)
  • Cousin: Jayne Golightly (NOT OWNED)

Fred Golightly graduated in many dance styles but his favourite is tap. He and his wife went on to open the Golightly School of Dance, where he is the Principal. He is a real inspiration to the children of Sylvania, who all think that he dances like one of the great movie stars of old.

Holly Golightly fulfilled her lifetime’s ambition by opening the dance school with her husband Fred, having learnt to dance at her mother’s school as a child. After taking lots of examinations she met Fred and they became dance partners in Latin and Ballroom and won many championships. Although Holly still loves to dance her real passion now is her children, whom she adores.

Toby Golightly goes to dance classes most evenings with his sister Tiffany, with the hope of becoming dance champions in Latin and Ballroom, just like their parents. Toby is very self-assured and loves all the costumes and sparkle, sometimes outshining his sister!

Tiffany Golightly is up early every morning, practising the new steps which she has been taught the previous evening. She tells Toby to do the same but he just seems to remember everything and never puts a foot wrong!

What could be better than camping on the sand dunes with the sound of the ocean to lull you to sleep? This set contains Tiffany Golightly dressed for the rain, and includes everything she might need for a weekend in the Sylvanian wilderness. From the essentials such as a sleeping bag, floral tent, and toasty fire to keep her warm at night, to grub for her to munch on, and even camping cutlery and crockery for her to eat it with! Give Tiffany and friends an adventurous weekend with this nifty Seaside Camping Set!

Twin babies, George and Ginni Golightly are anything but "go-lightly". They can be heard stomping around in their tap shoes throughout the day and think it is just super having tap lessons from their dad, Fred.

Gilly Golightly is a quiet soul. All of her family love to dance, and Gilly has taken up ballet which her mother is very glad of as she didn't think the foundations of the house could take anymore tap dancing!

Ken Golightly has been coaching Judy Darwin since she was a baby, when she was spotted in the part swinging from the monkey bars with such grace. Judy's favourite piece of apparatus is the balance beam - she is hoping to do so well on it that she comes home with a medal!

Christopher Tailbury and Jayne Golightly love ice skating and look forward to winter, a time when they can dust off their skates and take to the ice!  With a jump and a swizzle this pair dazzle the crowds as they glide gracefully across the ice. Their favourite routine which always excites the crowd, ends dramatically with both of them  stretched out laying on the ice.


Sylvanian Families Halloween Party Friends Set Tiffany Golightly

Sylvanian Families Halloween Set (SE-187)

Releasedsed: Circa 2015


  • Sister: Tiffany Golightly (In Purple Halloween Outfit)

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*Uncle Ken Golightly comes in the Sylvanian Games Gymnastics set (4586) which was released as part of the Olympic games sets in 2012. Jayne Golightly comes in the Ice Scating Duo (4374) and is considered to be a cousin figure to the children that come in the family set. Tiffany Golightly also comes in the 2015 Seaside Camping Set (5209)