The Grunt Family

Sylvanian Families Grunt Pig Family

Sylvanian Families Grunt Pic Family

Sylvanian Families Grunt Pig Triplets

Sylvanian Families Grunt Pigs (4153 - Family & 4154 - Triplets)

Purchased: 2011 (Brits Toy Shop - SA)



Father Richard E. Grunt is a builder and a very good one. He builds lots of houses of all shapes, sizes and materials in the woods of Sylvania as well as garden walls, shops and schools. No job is too big or small for Richard E.

Mother Constance Grunt like her name suggests is constantly preparing food for her large, hungry family. Pastries for breakfast, biscuits and tarts for snacks, at least five vegetables for main meals as well as puddings, it never ends!

Brother Hugh Grunt is a 'chip off the old block' and hopes to become a builder like his dad. He has built his own den and treehouse in the garden as well as drawing up plans for a shed to store his tools; just like his father's shed!

Sister May Grunt is a slave to fashion. She spends her time scanning magazines and shops for the latest designer outfits along with all the must have accessories. Once she has chosen her new look she then works out how to alter her clothes to create her new outfit.

Babies Tiny, Minor, and Little Grunt are always hungry and ready to eat their parents out of house and home. As Richard E., their father, remarks to his wife Constance, "At least they will eat anything and aren't picky with their food!"