The Guinea Pig Family


Calico Critters Patty and Paden Guinea Pig Double Stroller Set

Calico Critters Patty and Paden's Double Stroller Set (CC2625)

Released: Circa 2010


  • Mother: Penny Guinea Pig
  • Baby Broter: Paden Guinea Pig
  • Baby Sister: Patty Guinea Pig

Penny can take her twins out for a stroll in the park with this double stroller! Includes: Mother Guinea Pig Penny, Twins Patty and Paden, double stroller with rotating wheels and adjustable canopy cover, baby ring toy & bunny toy.


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*The Pettyfur Guinea Pig family was first available in the UK Sylvanian Families line in 2007. In the Calico Critters line, however, only these three Guinea Pigs are currently available and they do not carry the Pettyfur family name, however they do have the same names as the UK version.