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Sylvanian Families Harvey Cat Familiy

Sylvanian Families Harvey Cat Grandparents

Sylvanian Families Harvey Cat Family (4795 - Family; 5084 - Twins; 5067 - Standing Baby; 4670 - Grandparents; 2813 - Supermarket Owners Set)

Purchased: Family & Babies - 2013 (Gift Mic); Supermarket Owners - March 2014 (Gift Mic); Grandparents - April 2014 (Gift Sigrun)

  • Father: Perkin Harvey
  • Mother: Dorothy Harvey
  • Brother: Austin Harvey
  • Sister: Zara Harvey
  • Crawling Baby Brother: Ashton Harvey
  • Sleeping Baby Sister: Lulu Harvey
  • Standing Baby Sister: Liberty Harvey
  • Sitting Baby Sister: Liberty Harvey (From Carry Case) (NOT OWNED)
  • Grandfather: Bert Harvey
  • Grandmother: Joyes Harvey
  • Uncle: Parker Harvey (No Official Name)
  • Aunt: Dolores Harvey (No Official Name)
  • Cousin: (No Official Name)


Perkin Harvey runs the Village Store that was started by his now retired mother and father many moons ago. Perkin thoroughly enjoys his work, meeting and greeting his friendly customers and keeping the store clean and tidy with all the shelves well stocked and the fruit and vegetables beautifully presented in racks and baskets.

Dorothy Harvey likes everything in their store neat and tidy just like her husband, Perkin. She is also a bit of a tease and has been known to surreptitiously turn some of the food cans on the shelves upside down just to see her darling husband get into a bit of a fluster!

Austin Harvey likes to help his Mother and Father in the store and would love to run the store himself one day. He is encouraged by his Grandfather Bert, whom would like the family business to stay in the family.

Zara Harvey is not very keen on working in the family business, she finds the whole process of shopkeeping rather tiresome and annoying. So she is working hard at her school work with the idea of going to University to get a degree in Social Economics.

Ashton and Lulu Harvey are big eaters and really enjoy eating. Some time ago, they even sneaked bites of fruit and bread at their father's supermarket when the others took their eyes off them.

Liberty Harvey is the youngest of all the Harveys and loves eating just as much as Ashton and Lulu.

This adorable set includes grey cat baby Liberty Harvey in her moses basket. She loves having stories read to her by her sister Zara before her afternoon nap.

Bert Harvey opened the Village Store many moons ago with his darling wife Joyes. Even though they have both now retired and the store is run by their son, Perkin, neither of them can completely let go. Bert likes to pop into the store most afternoons, just to see that everything is alright. Oh! and while he is there he might as well just restock and tidy the shelves!

Joyes Harvey, like her husband Bert, enjoyed her long working life in the Village Store and misses chatting to the customers. So she also pops into the store most days with a "You look like you need a break and a cup of refreshing tea!" Closely followed by "Don't worry, I can look after the till!"


Sylvanian Families Harvey Cat Supermarket Owners Comparison

The Harvey cat grandparents and a set of adult sized figures were sold in two identical sets in 2013/2014 and it caused a lot of confusion. The adult figures in the shop uniforms are sometimes referred to as the parents Perkin and Dorothy and on other websites, they are referred to as unnamed aunt and uncle Harvey. I classify them as aunt and uncle and gave them my own names as they came as unnamed figures.

There is also a single unnamed Harvey sister figure in the Japanese "Playing Outside Set" (SE-176), with rollerskate, a badminton set and unicycle. I consider her to be a cousin in the Harvey family as she is from Japan.