The Honeybear Bear Family


Sylvanian Families Honeybear Bear Family with beekeeper uncle Horace Honeybear

Sylvanian Families Honeybear Bear Family with beekeeper uncle Horace Honeybear

Sylvanian Families Honeybear bears (4754 - Beekeeper; 4508 - Rainbow Nursery Figures; 4165 - Family; 4166 - Twins)

Purchased: Beekeeper & Nursery baby - 20 September 2012 (TAKEALOT); Family & Twins - 8 May 2014 (Beverly)


  • Father: Bertie Honeybear
  • Mother: Tamsie Honeybear
  • Brother: Diggory Honeybear
  • Sister: Katy Honeybear
  • Crawling Baby Broter: Jeremy Honeybear
  • Sitting Baby Sister: Lucy Honeybear
  • Standing Baby Brother: Henry Honeybear (No Official Name)
  • Uncle: Horace Honeybear
  • Aunt: Hildy Honeybear (NOT OFFICIAL FIGURE!!!)

Bertie Honey Bear is the miller of Sylvania, working in the Old Mill making lots of different flour. Being a very friendly fellow, he gives bags of flour to all his visitors and as a result he has lots of callers.

Tamsie Honey Bear makes the most of her husband’s skill as a miller, baking the most wonderful cakes and puddings in her kitchen. She likes to use lots of tasty fruits and berries in her creations.

Diggory Honey Bear always helps his father deliver the sacks of flour around the village of Sylvania on Saturdays. He’s getting very big and strong doing all this physical work!

Katy Honey Bear loves collecting ingredients for her mother’s pies. Every day she fills a small basket with fruit and berries from the hedgerows on her way home from school.

Twins, Jeremy and Lucy Honey Bear the ‘Terrible Twins’ as they are known, are always making a noise and being naughty. The only time these two little monsters are quiet is when they are listening to their bedtime story or watching children’s hour on TV.

These four toddlers with their feeding bottles and dummies can be found every afternoon having fun at Rainbow Nursery, either learning their ABC's, dancing, listening to stories or music. All four then have a little nap before their mothers arrive to take them home. Set includesAppleblossom grey squirrel baby, Blackberry rabbit baby, Honeybear tan bear baby and Chantilly cream cat baby.

Horace Honeybear loves his honey. When he was a little bear he wanted nothing more than to produce honey! One of the most popular products for sale in the farm shop is the local honey produced in hives on the farm. If you ask Horace Honey Bear the beekeeper about his honey, he will talk for hours. He knows all about bee keeping and he loves his honey. He has always wanted to keep bees and when he was old enough he bought his hives and his bees and he set up in business in Sylvania. He now produces all the honey Sylvania could ever need.

Hildy Honeybear is an avid apiologist and finds an interest in the biology of bees and the mysteries of their day-to-day lives. She met Horace at a honeybee convention in Sylvania and decided to move to Rooibosch Hill to start her research on an entomology paper on the lifecycle of the African honey bee. Hildy instantly fell for Horace when they met and the two decided to elope before returning to live out their days in the lovely village of Rooibosch Hill.


Since I had a double copy of the beekeeper set with uncle Horace Honeybear, I decided that one of my beekeepers will become a wife for Horace. Hildy Honeybear is thus NOT AN OFFICIAL FIGURE, but rather one that I made up for my stories.