The Huntington Bear Family


Sylvanian Families Huntington Bear Family in the big bear mold

Sylvanian Families Honeybear Family (2942)

Purchased: Family - 4 December 2014 (Ebay Koolkaci86); Baby sister in romper - 27 November 2014 (Gift EatonBlackberry); Baby sister - 6 January 2015 (Trade Cheri)


  • Father: Otto Huntington
  • Mother: Ursula Huntington
  • Brother: Miles Huntington
  • Sister: Sara Huntington
  • Baby Broter: Fredderick Huntington
  • Baby Sister: Greta Huntington
  • Grandfather: Humbert Huntington
  • Grandmother: Hannah Huntington

Otto Huntington is the miller and he's so kind, he gives bags of flour to his friends when they come to call!

Ursula Huntington is a very good baker. She loves making cakes and puddings, especially if they have tasty fruits and berries in them.

Miles Huntington always helps his father deliver the flour on Saturdays. He's getting very big and strong carrying all those heavy bags about!

Sara Huntington loves collecting ingredients for her mother. Every day she fills a big basket with fruit and berries on her way home from school.


The Sylvanian Families Huntington Honey-Bears were available through the TOMY Token Collectors Catalogue. The family and babies can be hard to come by, but the grandmother and grandfather figures are considered extremely difficult to find as they were exclusive to the US.

A brand new version of this family was released in 2009 in the "little bear mold". Their names were changed to the Honeybear family and the babies were released as a sit and crawl pair to go with the new family.

An older brother was pictured in a stock photo on the Schoolhouse's box (2988), but thus far only one collector has found a set of older siblings for the Huntington family.