The Kennelworth Family

Sylvanian Families Kennelworth Dalmatian family

Sylvanian Families Kennelworth Dalmatian Family (4070 - Family; 4071 - Baby; CC1638 - Calico Critters Twins)

Purchased: 9 June 2012 (Ebay)



Montgomery Kennelworth, really enjoys doing his own decorating. He fully enjoys the boring bits, like sanding down the woodwork and stripping off the old wallpaper.

Dorothy Kennelworth, is a workaholic and loves to help Montgomery. If she's not doing this she's doing that. In fact she seems to be doing 101 things all at the same time.

Clara Kennelworth is altogether more serious. She loves doing crosswords and lots of different competitions. But most of all, he favourite is the 'Sylvanian Spot the Difference' competition in the local paper.

Rufus Kennelworth is an easy-going, fun loving little boy. As everything seems so simple to him: his father says that: "He sees everything in black & white".

Boy Twin Mark, likes to scribble, but he calls it drawing and colouring. He likes to work alongside his sister Speckles. She likes the company, but she is not so happy when he wants to help with her picture.

Girl Twin Speckles, collects things, anything in fact - milk bottle tops, colored pebbles, pens, odd looking twigs, anything that takes her eye. If you lose something, it is always a good idea to check with Speckles as she may have picked it up and added it to her collection.

Since I don't own the Calico Critters version of this family, my Kennelworth Dalmations have adopted the Callico Critters Dalmation twins.