The Macavity Cat Family


Sylvanian Families Macavity Cat Family

Sylvanian Families Macavity Cat Grandparents

Sylvanian Families Macavity Cat Family (4405 - Celebration Family; 2403 - Country Boutique; 3380 - Seesaw Carry Case; 3350 - Desk Carry Case)

Purchased: Country Boutique & Carry Case babies - 2011 (Brits Toy Shop); Grandparents - 18 April 2014 (Ebay); Family - 26 February 2013 (Small Imaginations)


  • Father: Alonzo Macavity
  • Mother: Cassandra Macavity
  • Older Brother: Mistoffelees Macavity
  • Older Sister: Grizabella Macavity
  • Brother: Rumpus Macavity
  • Sister: Asparagus Macavity
  • Sleeping Baby Brother: Etcetera Macavity (NOT OWNED)
  • Crawling Baby Sister: Electra Macavity (NOT OWNED)
  • Standing Baby Sister: Skimble Macavity
  • Grandfather: Troy Macavity
  • Grandmother: Arabella Macavity
  • Cousin: Victoria Macavity (NO OFFICIAL NAME)
  • Sitting Baby Cousin: Coricopat Macavity (NO OFFICIAL NAME)
  • Sitting Baby Cousin: Tantomile Macavity (NO OFFICIAL NAME)


Alonzo Macavity as a child, wanted to be a dentist, but hated the sound of the dentist's drill. Strange that he has ended up being the master builder in Sylvania.

Cassandra Macavity is a bit of a stargazer and loves looking into the future. At the moment she is trying to 'see' what she will be making for the families' dinner tonight!

Mistoffelees Macavity has spent his youth practising magical conjuring tricks which he now enthralls his younger brothers and sisters with. They all just love his 'now you see it, now you don't' as the vase of flowers disappears into thin air!

Grizabella Macavity takes pride in her appearance, always dressed and groomed to perfection. She lists among her favourite things, clothes shopping, visiting the beauty salon and catching up on her beauty sleep.

Rumpus Macavity when allowed, loves helping his father. However he is very mischievous and once actually got stuck in a cavity wall that his father was building.

Asparagus Macavity has been taking cookery lessons and would like to end up being a master chef. She has read all the best books on cookery and is now giving her mother useful tips!

Skimble Macavity loves chattering away to herself. However at her young age, nobody can understand quite what she is saying!

Etcetera Macavity is a very creative little boy and loves playing with the building bricks that his father bought him. But sometimes he can be naughty and throws them around the room!

Electra Macavity likes to cuddle up with her mother, but if mum's busy she'll find a cosy sunny spot to have a sleep in. Electra only comes to life when it's time to eat!

Leo Macavity's full name is Leonard, but for as long as he can remember everyone has always called him Leo. If Laurette ever calls him Leonard, he's usually in trouble as she only uses his full name when she's being stern with him! Leo's favourite pastime is playing chess and you can find him on a sunny afternoon sitting outside in the park enjoying a game of outdoor chess with one of his friends.

Laurette Macavity met Leo during a chess tournament while they were still at school. Laurette is a very logical thinker and was always the only person who could beat Leo in a chess match. Laurette became an architect and it was seeing all the models and plans in her study at home that inspired her son Alonzo to become a builder. Laurette still designs buildings, but now small Dolls Houses for her grandchildren, which are then built by the very talented Cuthbert Porridge.

Victoria Macavity is a very elegant young lady who loves dressing up! She was just thrilled when her mother brought home three new dresses for the start of school term. You can always find Victoria browsing the clothing shelves in the shops and she is always first to know when a sale will begin at her favourite dress shop.

Twins Coricopat and Tantomile Macavity are two little mischief makers! They can often be foudn together thinking up all sorts of playful mischief, but funnily enough, they rarely ever get caught. Their mother says that they can sense when she is near and that is why she never catches them in the act. (NO OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY)


Sylvanian Families Macavity Cat Celebration Family

Sylvanian Families Macavity Cat Celebration Family


This version of the Macavity Cat Grandparents were available from the Sylvanian collectors club in the UK, but a much lighter Japanese version also exists. Please note that the biographies in dark blue are my own and not official Sylvanian Families biographies. The Coutry Boutique set in SA, didn't have a name or biography for this figure, neither did the carry cases, so I made my own up. In the Calico Critters line, the Country Boutique set is called "A Special dress for Camryn McKeegan".