The Marlowe Cat Family


Calico Critters Marlowe Tuxedo Cat Family

Calico Critters Marlowe Cats (CC1472 - Family; CC9542 - Triplets)

Purchased: Family & Triplets - January 2014 (Trade Tracy)


  • Father: Mason Marlowe
  • Mother: Natalie Marlowe
  • Sister: Lily Marlowe
  • Sister: Rose Marlowe
  • Standing Baby Broter: Midnight Marlowe
  • Standing Baby Sister: Peppermint Marlowe
  • Standing Baby Sister: Angelica Marlowe
  • Sitting Baby Sister: Olive Marlowe (NOT OWNED)


Mason Marlowe is very giving and kind and loves spending time with his family. Mason is the tennis coach in Sylvania and teaches tennis to Sylvanians of all ages.

Natalie Marlowe used to be a ballroom dancer in her youth and now loves teaching ballroom dancing to other Sylvanians. Natalie's other love is fashion. She keeps up with all the latest trends and enjoys shopping at the village boutiques as a weekend treat!

Lily Marlowe is a lot like her mother and loves to shop for pretty dresses. She loves to dress up and always looks beautiful at the school dance. Lily dreams of being a famous dancer when she is older.

Rose Marlowe is more like her father. She is very athletic and her favourite sport is tennis - in fact, Rose is her father Mason's star pupil and always has been!

Midnight can sleep for hours at a time. When he wakes up, he is full of energy and loves to play tag.

Peppermint is very sweet and likes making new friends everywhere she goes!

Angelica enjoys playing quietly with her toys and dolls. She is also very curious and likes to ask her mother questions about anything and everything!

Olive Marlowe is the youngest member of the Tuxedo cat family - so called because of their distinctive black and white colouring!
Olive loves to play in the nursery on her little see-saw, perfect for when her best friend comes to tea!



The Tuxedo cat family was first released in the Japanese line of Sylvanian Families, but later moved to the Calico Critters line. The names and biographies are the same as the UK version, but when these cats were introduced in the UK line, they received the surname Marlowe where the Calico Critters version does not have a surname and is simply referred to as the Tuxedo cat family.
The triplets are exclusive to the Calico Critters line, but a baby in a carry case named Olive Marlowe was introduced in the Sylcanian line in 2015.