The McBurrows Mole Family


Sylvanian Families McBurrows Mole Family

Sylvanian Families McBurrows Mole Family (4440)

Released: Circa 2011


  • Father: Digger McBurrows
  • Mother: Heidi McBurrows
  • Brother: Muddy McBurrows
  • Sister: Molly McBurrows

Digger McBurrows is an expert at making tunnels and sometimes he doesn't see the sun for days at a time, especially in the winter.  His family is always cozy, no matter what the weather.

Heidi McBurrows is very house-proud and no matter when you visit, you'll always find her cleaning.  Her husband, Digger, says that when it comes to cleaning, she's got "Tunnel Vision"!

Muddy McBurrows drives his mother up the wall.  He just cannot keep his clothes clean - he's always covered in mud.

Molly McBurrows is very cleaver with her hands.  She loves to make presents for all her family and friends.


Sylvanian Families McBurrows Mole Babies

Sylvanian Families Bouquet Skunk Babies (4441)

Releasedsed: Circa 2011


  • Baby Broter: Monty McBurrows
  • Baby Sister: Mo McBurrows


*The McBurrows moles were one of the first four families that were launched in the Sylvanian Families range in the UK in 1987. The first version of this family did not wear clothes as we know them today - instead, each family member wore a coloured felt jacket tied with a piece of ribbon.

Each baby in this version came with a crib (brother brown, sister pink) and baby bottle. Although they have names, the babies do not have an official biography.