The Merryweather Cat Family


Sylvanian Families Merryweather Cat Family

Sylvanian Families Merryweather Cats (4848 - Madeline's Boutique)

Purchased: 2013 (Gift Mic)


  • Father: Professor Merryweather (Not Owned)
  • Mother: Madeline Merryweather
  • Sister: Charlotte Merryweather (Not Owned)
  • Aunt: Florence Merryweather (Not Owned)

Mr Merryweather is the Sylvanian Schoolmaster, who teaches everything from reading to botany. Like his sister Florence he is a very gentle and kind person, he never gives the children too much home-work nor too many lines if they have been a bit naughty in lessons. He has lots of charts and school equipment which he always carries around, just so he can give lessons where ever he is. The children like his lessons about wild flowers best because he gets so carried away!

Madeline Merryweather is always beautifully groomed - lavishly dressed in the most gloriously fashionable clothes, which is not surprising considering she's the proprietor of her own boutique! She takes great pride, not only in her appearance, but also in her exclusive establishment and likes to think that all the best-dressed characters in Sylvania are her own special customers.

Nurse Florence Merryweather is very gentle and kind, especially to the Sylvanian children. And her best cure for cuts and bruises is a kiss. She also gives lessons at school on how to "play safe", that is why she's always telling the boys off for playing with sticks and stones!



Charlotte Merryweather comes in the UK Party Dress shopping set (4785) that was available to purchase. Aunt Florence Merryweather comes as a nurse and father Professor Merryweather in the school master set (Tomy 3010) - both were TOMY Sylvanian club membership token items.