The Milky Family

Calico Critters Milky Mouse Family

Calico Critters Milky Mice (CC1668 - Family & CC1669 - Twins)

Purchased: 24 July 2012 (Second-hand USA)



Father Matthew Milky is the soccer coach at the Cloverleaf Elementary School. He teaches the children to all be team players and have lots of fun. Once a week, he takes the team out to eat hotdogs, hamburgers and ice cream.

Mother Rikki Milky is the swim coach at the same school. She helps the children perfect their backstrokes and butterfly techniques. Every week she takes the team out to see the newest play at the theater.

Brother Ryan Milky is one of the best baseball players on his team. He can pitch the ball really fast and always strikes out his opponents. All the children on his team are such good friends that when practice is over, the don't ever want to leace the baseball field!

Sister Mindy Milky is a fantastic tennis player. She is really quick on her feet and always tries to play the best she can. She loves playing in teams of two so she can play with all of ther best friends! They all have matching, glittery pink and white tennis outfits.

Baby Brother Mikey Milky thinks his sister is so funny and likes watching her dance around. He also loves playing hide and seek - he is so good at this game sometimes his parents can't find him for the longest time.

Baby Sister Magnolia Milky loves music and is always dancing around her house. She likes twirling in circles and creating her own mini dance routines. She can even spin on her head and do double flips in the air!