The Moss Reindeer Family


Sylvanian Families Moss Reindeer Family

Sylvanian Families Moss Reindeer Grandparents

Sylvanian Families Moss Reindeer (4106 - Family; 4107 - Babies; 4962 - Grandparents with Willow Hall*)

Released: Family & Babies 2004; Grandparents 2006;


  • Father: Cameron Moss
  • Mother: Rowena Moss
  • Brother: Buck Moss
  • Sister: Juniper Moss
  • Baby Broter: Charlie Moss
  • Baby Sister: Bonnie Moss
  • Grandfather: Landon Moss
  • Grandmother: Audrey Moss


Cameron Moss is a journalist on the 'Forest Telegraph'; Sylvania's biggest newspaper. Everyone says you'll always find Cameron wherever there's a news story.

Rowena Moss is Editor of the 'Forest Telegraph', which means hse is Cameron's boss! She doesn't 'boss' him around much, just checks his work meticulously

Buck Moss is known as 'Scoop' to all his friends, because he runs the school magazine called 'The Pupil', which hefills with tips on how to do your homework and who did what!

Juniper Moss is very artistic and is always doing drawings to illustrate Buck's magazine features and stories. She wants to be a book illustrator when she leaves school.

Charlie is a little bossy- he is always organising his family and saying things like, "Daddy can bath me and Bonnie tonite and Mummy can read us three stories. Juniper can find my pyjamas and Buck can get me a glass of water." he always gives his instructions in such a, 'i am bestowing such a great honour!' tone that the whole family is running around before they know it!

Bonnie, although very young, can already recite her alphabet... backwards! Juniper thinks Buck is responsible for teaching Bonnie her back to front alphabet along with some other tricks like being able to work the video recorder and always knowing where to find the TV remote control. 


*The Moss family and babies were originally released in 1997 and were re-released in the 2000's. The father and grandfather figures in the Moss family have awesome antlers, making them quite wonderful little figures. Father Cameron's jacket is also very smart, and has tails! The grandparents in this family are special in that they are the same size as the parents. The grandparents were released with a special Christmas version of the Willow Hall building in 2006 and were only available from a certain toyshop chain. They are quite hard to come by now.