The Mulberry Raccoon Family


Sylvanian Families Calico Critters Mulberry Raccoon Family

Calico Critters Mulberry Raccoon Family (CC1535)

Released: Circa 2003


  • Father: Elma Mulberry
  • Mother: Mae Mulberry
  • Brother: Ike Mulberry
  • Sister: Candy Mulberry

Elma Mulberry is a very funny fellow, who just loves telling funny stories and jokes. He is happiest when he goes to the Cloverleaf Flea Market, because he can sell anything to anybody.

Mulberry's motto is "waste not want not". She's true to her word, because she hates to throw anything away "just in case it might be useful". That is why all the cupboards in the house are overflowing with strange "useful" objects she has collected over the years. Unbeknownst to Mae, Elma goes through the cupboards to find things to sell at the flea market.

Ike Mulberry is a wanderer. The problem is that he has absolutely no sense of direction! So whenever he wanders off in Cloverleaf Corners, he inevitably gets lost - which worries his poor Mom and Dad. Even though he doesn't know where he is going, he always manages to end up at the park, playing with his friends.

Candy Mulberry is a gentle, soft-spoken little girl who loves writing. Her greatest success to date is a poem she had published in the Cloverleaf Gazette about "Happy Days in the Park with her many friends!"



Sylvanian Families Calico Critters Mulberry Raccoon Twins

Calico Critters Mulberry Raccoon Family (CC1536)

Released: Circa 2003


  • Crawling Baby Brother: Cookie Mulberry
  • Sitting Baby Sister: Pumpkin Mulberry

Cookie Mulberry even at his young age has ideas of what he wanted to be when he grows up. He has decided he wants to be Mayor of Sylvania and spends hours dreaming in his favourite spot, under the cherry tree.

Pumpkin Mulberry is a dreamy little girl who loves stories, especially the classic old Sylvanian tales which she loves to hear over and over again. She knows all the stories 'off by heart' and so if Mae misses a bit out, Pumpkin will make sure the whole story is read over again.



Sylvanian Families Mublerry Raccoon Grandparents

Calico Critters Mulberry Raccoon Grandparents (4511)

Released: Circa 2010


  • Grandfather: George Mulberry
  • Grandmother: Mildred Mulberry

Grandparents George and Mildred Mulberry Raccoon enjoy riding around the country lanes. George has a helmet and goggles so he can see where he is going. Mildred likes to wrap up warm before they set off as it can get a bit breezy in the side car!

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Sylvanian Families Mulberry Raccoon Toymaker Set Uncle

Sylvanian Families Mulberry Raccoon Uncle Toymaker (4520)

Released: Circa 2011


  • Uncle: Edward Mulberry

Edward Mulberry Raccoon is really good at making toys and mending broken ones. He has a wonderful workbench with lots of useful tools, paints and books about toys. Everyone brings their treasured toys to him if they have a problem. There are also some toys in this set that he's working on, including a miniature house for his nieces Candy and Pumpkin for Christmas!

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*This family is sometimes called the white raccoon family, but looks a lot like the Red Panda family that was introduced into the Sylvanian Families line later. The Japanese versions of this family have very different clothing, but the Calico Critters and UK Sylvanian Families versions are very much alike. The only family member who was exclusive to the UK line, is the Uncle Edward from the Toymaker's set.

The grandparents are named for the motorcycle driving main characters from the 1970's British sitcom, George and Mildred.