The Murdoch Bear Family


Sylvanian Families Murdoch Bear Doctors

Sylvanian Families Dr. Murdoch Bear Jr. (4423 - Cottage Hospital ; 4484 - Doctor & Bike; 4305 - Grandfather)

Purchased: Cottage Hospital - 20 September 2012 (TAKEALOT); Doctor & Bike - 12 October 2012 (BeHappy)



Cottage Hospital - Dr. Murdoch is everyone's favourite doctor. He runs the Cottage Hospital very efficiently and it's a pleasrure to come in for a check up or for something a little more serious. He can treat all kinds of ailments from a cold to a sprained ankle, and sends his patients on their way feeling a lot better.

Doctor and Bike set - Dr. Murdoch Junior, like his father, shows extra special patience with his patients but unlike his father he only manages to do this because he's got a bicycle! This means that he can "whizz" off to his next appointment at speed, taking extra care not to run anyone over! He's often seen pedalling around Sylvania, visiting patients at home, dashing to his surgery or trying to get to the General Hospital in time for his rounds!

Biography from TOMY Catalogue:
Doctor Murdoch is his name. When he was at school all the children used to call him "Doc" for short and it was no surprise that when he grew up he actually became the Sylvanian Doctor! He is very kind to everyone and always shows extra special patience to his patients!


Both versions of Doctor Murdoch have white lab coats, but I removed one of them for the photo to show his clothes underneath. Grandfather Dr. Murdoch is in the big bear mold and his outfit is nearly identical to the versions in the little bear mold, except that he wears glasses. Dr Murdoch in the Big Bear mold is also available in the Calico Critters line, but his name is spelled as Murdock.